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Since 2001, the main activities of the company Red Carpet Studio are: a full cycle of production of television content and film projects, the development of new artistic, technological and Internet formats.



The Hidden Track

The Hidden Track

Russian girl Nika comes to London, where a few years ago her sister Jen disappeared. After uploading a message addressed to her missing sister on her social media, Nika receives an SMS from an unknown number. This SMS gives her a hint, thanks to which our protagonist takes up her own investigation. She begins her investigation in a place where nowadays you can find everything and everyone – the internet and social networks. New leads bring Nika to a small town on the outskirts of London where her sister lived and worked before she vanished. It turns out that Jen was going out with the lead singer of the local rock band that became popular immediately after her disappearance. Stories from Jen’s best friends don't match up, the details of Jen's life seem strange, and the rock stars raise suspicion. Without letting go of her favorite mp3 player, Nika gets involved in a game that could cost her life, unaware that the answers she is looking for can be found in the mp3 player.

The trailer of the project was presented at the MipCom film market in Cannes, and also received a prize in the category "Best trailer" at the film festival "Seriesland" in Bilbao.



Vertical movie format is designed for viewing on mobile phones. Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat users are used to watching "stories" on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. Thus this is a convenient, and most importantly, familiar format for users of social networks. The main storyline of the film is not only preserved, but the viewer's attention is concentrated on the main events, removing all the "extra" from the frame. The viewer is left alone with the main character and her investigation. This format will emphasize the genre affiliation of the project- thriller-detective, and will bring the viewer closer to the investigation with the help of constant leads in the form of SMS messages, maps, locations and other graphics of the film.

The Hidden TrackThe Hidden TrackThe Hidden TrackThe Hidden Track


Грибы и Рыбы

Black Comedy about two friends - one from the city and another one from the village. Every time they go fishing they never actually make it there. On their way they always get into trouble and anyone who will stand in their way will probably die… all by accident

  • In leading roles: Dmitriy Buvaev, Boris Tomberg
  • Producers: Maria Rodionova, Marina Hrenkova
  • Director: Maria Rodionova
  • Authors: Viktor Kashlyaev, Maria Rodionova, Marina Hrenkova


Пиксельный разум

An ironic reflection of our modern world, where every hero has difficulty with his smartphone.


Since August 4, 2018, it is held annually in Nizhny Novgorod. In 2020, the REALIST WEB FEST will be held in Nizhny Novgorod from 1st to 5th August. Details can be found on the project website and our pages in social networks:



Was held in Nizhny Novgorod from 4th to 7th August. The competition program included 30 web series, including projects from Russia, Argentina, Australia, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Israel, Kazakhstan, Canada, USA, Uruguay and France. In total, the jury watched 8 hours and 42 minutes of video, two episodes of each series were presented as part of the screenings.

  • Luke Eve – Director of the web-series “High Life”
  • Meredith Berkholder – General producer of the Berlin Webfest
  • Mikhail Churbanov – General producer of the Sverdlovsk film studio
  • Tatiana Lazareva – TV Host
  • Elena Lebedeva – Executive director of a broadcasting company “NNTV”
  • Sofia Kvashilava - Director of content policy and content marketing at Viasat World
  • "Best Character" - "Hani's Barber Shop" (Israel) and "The Man for Your Sins" (Germany).
  • “Best Innovative idea or Technique" - "Almighty" (Almaty, Kazakhstan) and “Bar "Talk it Up"” (Russia).
  • "Best Script" - "Hotel Romanov" (Uruguay).
  • "Best Director" - Alex Dobrenko," at a distance " (Distance, USA).
  • "Best series" - "Terror 404" (Canada).

As the prize of the festival we chose a statuette with a cinematic plate, which is traditionally broken on the first day of shooting. The Creator of the statuette is the artist-ceramist Elena Mach. The ceremony was hosted by Peter Fadeev and Yana Troyanova. The image of the ceremony, as well as video introduction for every nomination, was created by the actress and author of the “Eat Art” project - Anna Tsukanova-Kott.

Two series "Wild digital" (Russia) and "Almighty" (Kazakhstan) received a special prize from The National Register of Intellectual Property. The awards were presented by NRIP CEO Oleg Nekrasov and Deputy CEO Valeria Brusnikina. Both series received a soundtrack selection certificate as well as membership in the n'ris club.


Another special award was presented by the multimedia project The Digital Reporter. This award was presented jointly with the representatives of foreign web festivals who attended the show in Nizhny Novgorod. Selectors from Valencia (Cinema Jove), Minnesota (Minnesota Webfest), Bilbao (Seriesland). The prize went to the first Russian web series "Dark Area” Arseny Gonchukov.

A separate award was also presented by the representatives of the jury of Russian online cinemas: General Director of “OKKO” Ivan Gorodetsky, editor-in-chief of “” Kristina Shirshova, editor-in-chief of “” Mikhail Klochkov, creative director, head of production and promotion department of “Amediateka” Alexandra Nelyubina and CEO of “Megogo” Victor Chekanov. Representatives of online platforms presented their prize to the series “Che Peruano” from Argentina, and also awarded a diploma to the Israeli series "Hani's Barber Shop”.

In 2017 Red Carpet Studio created a specialized media resource - The Digital Reporter, which became part of the global process of development of the web and digital industry. The first Russian resource dedicated to web series. The media platform, which not only cooperates with thematic European publishing houses and is a Russian-language version of some of them, but also produces a large number of its own original materials dedicated to Russian and foreign web series and digital news. A base for exchanges of contacts and cooperation of professionals in the field of web content production.

Digital Reporter cover


The first Russian resource dedicated to web series.
The media platform, which not only cooperates with thematic European publications and is a Russian-language version of some of them, but also produces a large number of its own original materials dedicated to Russian and foreign web series and digital news.
A base for exchanges of contacts and cooperation of professionals in the field of web content production.


Any series that is shown on the Internet. Both on familiar platforms and in more unexpected formats. The format of a web series implies the presence of several episodes connected by a common plot or a common idea/theme. The duration of the episode can vary from 1 minute to half an hour. Genre variety of Internet series is limited only by the imagination of their authors and ranges from comedy and drama to thriller, horror, action and sci-fi. The same applies to their types - in addition to fiction, there are also documentary and animated web series.

Digital Reporter cover


Actively developing worldwide direction, which is not inferior to the popularity of video blogging. There are currently about 40 annual web series festivals in the world. World film festivals today are not only ready to include web series in their programs, but also devote separate sections to them. In some countries (Canada, Australia, France) web series are one of the most purchased online cinemas content. Television and film are increasingly turning to web series in search of ideas – many successful Internet shows have already been continued in the form of feature films or television series.


There are more and more Russian web series, but they are not included in the world process. The Russian web series could potentially become one of the most competitive products in the world. In the context of the Russian film and television industry, the web series is the most suitable and promising format for novice filmmakers. The web series opens up new opportunities not only for filmmakers, but also for large companies that will be able to use this format to promote their product.


Holding a web series festival and digital market with the involvement of Russian and foreign buyers in Russia. Holding BEST WEB Time (night of web series) in the framework of the largest Russian festivals. Active development of the information resource The Digital Reporter. Formation of training and educational programs dedicated to the production and distribution of web content. Expansion of the base of contacts and formation of a professional platform for finding partners, exchange of experience and communication in the digital and web series fields.


The festival of film adaptations united cinema and literature and was the first to bring together leading representatives of culture from all regions. It is an international platform for communication between representatives of the literary environment and the film industry, and as a basic platform for the formation of a request for new literary and video content. “RECITE” festival is a place where international literary trends and contemporary audiovisual formats come together.


The events were held at the following venues: Mansion on Volkhonka; cinema hall of the Tretyakov gallery; cinema hall in GUM; Digital Business Space; Concert hall "Cosmos", Zaryadye Park (Large Amphitheater)


Next year, it is planned to develop the international program.


The very first award ceremony in field of web-industry, organized by the project theDigital Reporter ,was held in Moscow on November 18th, 2018. The solemn event was preceded by the Realist WebMarket, which hosted pitching of Russian and foreign web series, as well as round tables with industry representatives. The event was held in the "Digital Business Space" in Moscow. The ceremony was hosted by Ivan Urgant, and was assisted by a web host, "daughter of Yandex and Google", an artificial intelligence named Series . The guests of the ceremony were producer and director Janik Faiziev, actress Yulia Baranovskaya, actress and TV presenter Yulia Menshova, actress Anna Khilkevich, TV presenters Tatiana Lazareva and Mikhail Shats, editor-in-chief of Esquire magazine Sergey Minaev, singer Elka, performer Burito, actress Anna Banshchikova, actress and director Irina Vilkova, actress Yulia Khlynina, violinist Pavel Milyukov, Big Russian Boss, presenter Alexander Gudkov, actress Natalia Kudryashova, actress Svetlana Kamynina, singer Mari Kraymbreri, Anna Pletneva, actresses Anfisa Chernykh and Maria Shumakova, actor Nikita Tarasov, bloggers Alena Venum and Ruslan Kuznetsov and others.

The official prize of the ceremony is a statuette in the stylized form of the monument of Yuri Gagarin (sculptor P.I. Bondarenko), symbolizing the “development of web serial space”.


First prize was awarded for support of national web content and it was received by the online cinema Start. Then their choice announced online cinemas, their favorite web series was Bar “Talk it up”. The jury of the press also awarded its prize, they chose the best documentary project 1968.Digital . This project also won in the category "the most original concept of a web series".

The jury of the press included: columnist of "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" Susanna Alperina; editor-in-chief of “” Olga Belik; film critic, film reviewer of “Regnum News Agency” Alena Sycheva; editor of the cinema section of "Afisha Daily" Maxim Sukhaguzov; journalist, program director of the "Pilot" TV series festival, teacher of the "Showrunner" course at the Moscow film school Egor Moskvitin; film reviewer of “Megapolis” radio station who cooperates with “Wonderzine”, “Posta-Magazine” portals Dmitry Barchenkov; film reviewer of the “Izvestia” newspaper Nikolai Kornatsky and the editor of the culture department of “Hello” magazine Veronika Chugunkina.

The prize for "Best web series for commercial integration" went to the project "Queen". The winners were chosen by Daria Volokhova (Pfizer), Vasily Bokalov (BORK), Maria Bardysheva (PEPSICO), Stella Svyatskaya (Royal Canin), Mikhail Khaliullin (Cosmos).


The jury also awarded the prize to the “brightest character”, the hero of the documentary web series "Life of man" Andrei Pavlenko-an oncologist surgeon who diagnosed himself with stomach cancer and in the project tells about the fight against it. In this category, the winner was determined by the production jury, which included Andrei Novikov, Anton Fedotov, Renat Davletyarov, Valery Fedorovich, Dmitry Nelidov, Evgeny Nikishov, Rauf Atamalibekov and Sergei Titinkov.

Nominations for best screenplay and direction were announced next. In both, the jury chose Russian project "In bed", which was written and directed by Shota Gamisonia. Members of the director's jury were Alexey Popogrebsky, Boris Khlebnikov, Kirill Pletnev, Peter Buslov, Anna Melikyan, Klim Shipenko, Alexey Smirnov and Mikhail Khleborodov.

The jury also highlighted a non-feature project, in the nomination "Best online show of the year". There fought the brightest shows of Russian YouTube, and the prize went to "League of bad jokes" Alexander Gudkov, however as noted by the host, they were only one vote ahead of Leonid Parfenov’s “Parthenon”.


Then prizes were awarded to online cinemas, in the nomination "the most actively developing online cinema" won two websites – “ivi” and “Rutube”. The "people's online cinema" was also chosen, where the winner was determined by the audience according to the results of a special survey, here the victory was won by “ivi”.

At the end of the ceremony, a special prize was awarded to Yuri Dud’ , who set a vector for the development of modern web shows. And the main prize in the nomination "online person of the year" went to presenter and blogger Nastya Ivleeva, who recorded a video message with thanks. The winner was announced by Big Russian Boss.

Anton Kalinkin, the general producer of the award, the Realist WebFest festival and the founder of the Digital Reporter project, went to present the last and main prize to the “best web series of the year”. The award went to the web series Bar "Talk it up".


The prize was received by the director of the project Irina Volkova, she thanked her producers and noted another, the most important, co-author. "Special and most important thanks goes to the city of St. Petersburg, the idea for this web series was born out of our love for this city and for the people who live there", - she said.

Concluding the ceremony, Anton Kalinkin noted that the industry of web series in Russia continues to be formed, and the interesting pitching and heated discussions are a vivid confirmation of it. "The main thing that is happening today is a trend change. We put it this way: before, the viewer had to get / search for the content, and now the time has changed, it is the content that searches for the viewer, " he concluded.


The Association web-series creators (AWSC) was established in 2018, and in a short time 70 representatives of the Internet industry became its participants. The main mission of the Association is to create a professional community for the regulation and development of the emerging industry in Russia. In particular-in the formation of the regulatory framework and cooperation with legal agencies, information exchange and joint development of new systems of monetization of the product, a systematic approach in cooperation with digital and media resources. The Association is the official representative of Russian web series at international festivals and online platforms.



BLINKY & KNOBBY- space travelers-exiles, suffered for their sloppiness and stupidity and exiled to the planet Earth.
The new planet is a place of incredible discoveries and adventures. Two alien friends Blinky and Knobby fall from the cloud into the earth's forest and try to establish contact with its inhabitants, and then get into funny situations. Bright pink Blinky and purple Knobby crash on their alien cloud ship and fall right into the forest. On Earth, everything is new to friends, and every acquaintance with the forest inhabitants turns into a misunderstanding. Wanting to save a fallen bird's egg, Blinky and Knobby accidentally destroy the nest. Or, when they meet a snake sleeping on a stump, they accidently tear off its tail. Fortunately, the good aliens will always find a way to correct their mistakes. Russian animated sketch about the adventures of aliens on Earth "Blinky & Knobby " entered the competition program of the first international web series festival Realist Web Fest, held in the summer of 2018 in Nizhny Novgorod.

  • Animated series, TA – 0+
  • There are no dialogues – will be understood in any country
  • Metro Station Size
  • Each episode – 1-2 min


Scaring fears away is much more interesting than attracting them!

Animated series for kids 3-6 years old.


THE BUGABOOZ – descendants of fabulous creatures from a magical land.

Once upon a time in her grandfather's store, full of amazing things, six-year-old Rita meets four strange little creatures- The Bugabooz. The creatures try to scare her, but Rita is too curious to be afraid. She covers the the Bugabooz with a glass cylinder and runs after her brother Maxim, to whom she wants to show her findings. Captured the Bugabooz- Chris, Yagi, Nezha and Lily try to escape and get back to their Magical forest, but they are too small, and the cylinder is too heavy. The Bugabooz can increase in size if they manage to scare someone, and it will save them, but scaring Rita is clearly pointless. What do they do? Chris comes up with a cunning move... Drago, the remaining free comrade, sneaks up behind and scares Maxim. The goal is achieved. But the reaction of the child, as well as their own frightening appearance scares the Bugabooz instead. They realize that scaring children is a very unpleasant occupation. The descendants of the fabulous monsters are ready to fail their mission - to return to the fear of the fabulous forest to the people. It turns out that helping their new friends, Rita and Maxim to cope with their fears is much more interesting.


(Puppet show)


The story is about a cat who lives on a small flat planet in an infinite universe. He works as a pediatrician and helps residents of neighboring planets. Dr. Cat is transported on a spaceship in the form of a washing machine, which he designed himself. The doctor is constantly harmed by twin mice. They accidentally destroyed their planet and now travel the galaxy and harm everyone. They want to take over another planet and try to destroy the population that lives there. The doctor always helps the inhabitants to escape. Each episode includes tips on health and healthy food.

  • Main character: Doctor Cat walks on two legs, wearing a white robe and cap, on the neck hanging his stethoscope. He carries a medicine case with him. The doctor is very serious, but with a good sense of humor.
  • He has an assistant - octopus ZEO. He should help the doctor and serve the necessary items during the reception of patients, but more often he interferes than helps. ZEO panics easily. It is generally a mess.
  • Additional characters: twin Mice-walk on their back legs and travel in an old convertible. The elder is called Maasdam - he is clever and cunning, the younger is called Cheddar - he is cowardly and a little silly. The dog – cop knows all the laws and observes the order in the universe. Moves exclusively in the jump as a karate kid. Can't keep up with the Mice because he flies an old police car.


(Dance show)

Educational and entertaining show for children.

In each episode, the artists dance a dance on a separate topic and help the children learn something new and useful, such as how to brush their teeth.

The actors are dressed in costumes of puppets and behave easily and directly, sometimes creating comical movements, as the costumes are a little embarrassing.

The line of characters is represented by the characters from the puppet show about Doctor Cat. In the frame we see cheerful Doctor Cat, Maasdam and Cheddar, as well as police Dog and Octopus ZEO.


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